Common Misconceptions About 3d Printer Machines

3d printed prototypes
Sculptor 3D Printers For Industrial Manufacturing
October 6, 2017

3D Printers are Expensive.

3D Printing Is Only For Plastics.

3D Printers can be used for Mass Production.

3D Printers cannot produce Real functional Models.

3D Printing is slow.

3D Printing Market Is Volatile.

3D Printers Can Print Human Organs.

Every Home Will Have a 3D Printer.

Some Prototypes are Cheaper To Make on a 3D Printer.



Indium [ SCULPTOR ] is a professional company engaged in Design, Development and Manufacturing of 3D Printers in India, with advanced manufacturing facilities, with a dedicated aim to cater the needs our customers, for cost effective 3d printers and economical 3D printing solutions involving the needs of 3D printing in various Academic and Professional Institutions and Industries.

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