3D Printer Services in Rohtas, Bihar

INDIUM-SCULPTOR, a leading manufacturer of 3D printer machines in India, is currently planning to expand its 3D printer manufacturing unit in Rohtas, Bihar. Until then, 3D printer sales and 3D printing services in Rohtas, Bihar will be catered by 3D printing manufacturing division of the company in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Contact your INDIUM SCULPTOR 3D printer distributor at +91-9910864599.

DIY 3d Printer in Rohtas, Bihar

SCULPTOR i3 is a Great and Affordable Economical 3D Printer machine in Rohtas, Bihar suitable for your complete 3D-printing needs.

  • 8mm Thick-cut Sturdy and Steady Acrylic Frame for durability and stability.
  • Large build area 220x220x230 mm printing volume and Heated Bed.
  • Supports LCD screen display, for easy control of the 3D printer.
  • Extruder Supports Adjustable temperature Control, allows printing a wide range of 3d Printing filaments.
  • Rohtas
  • Indigenous 3D Printer Service Centers, always ready to provide aftermarket and sales support directly.
  • Auto-leveling: Optional
SCULPTOR DIY 3d printer machine in India

Industrial 3D Printer in Rohtas, Bihar

SCULPTOR SXY-Series is Industrial Grade 3D Printer machine in Rohtas,Bihar with Specially Designed All Enclosed Metal Frame for Temperature Controlled Environment for 3D Printing of Special Filaments, assisted with an option of Single / Dual Extruder for Accurate 3D printing.

  1. Color Touch Screen for easy Maneuverability.
  2. Special Designed Motherboard for Variable 3d Printing for 200 hours.
  3. Specially Designed Sheet Metal Structure for Smooth Vibration Free 3d Printing.
  4. High Chrome Mirror Polish Extruder Gantry Movement for Super Accuracy 3d Printing.
  5. Special Designed Dual Air Filtration system.
  6. Filament Break Point Resume.
  7. Power Off Resume.

Open Build 3D Printer in Rohtas, Bihar

Sculptor Open Build 3D Printer Machine, in Rohtas S   OB Series is Professional,Economical 3D Printer machine for Professional’s, Industrial and Commercial 3-d Printing applications.

  1. Super Large 3D Printing Build Size of 500x500x500mm
  2. Industrial-grade circuit boards, Tested 3D Printing for 200 hours without Fatigue
  3. New MK10 nozzle patent extrusion structure
  4. Separate Electronic Control Host
  5. High Precision Imported Aluminum V-slot Structure for Vibration free 3d printing.
  6. Precision Roller Bearing For High Accuracy Positioning, Smooth Friction-less Movement, and Faster 3d Printing.
Sculptor Open Build 3d Printer in India

Jewelry CAD/CAM DLP 3D Printer in Rohtas, Bihar

SCULPTOR  DLP/SLA SERIES Jewelry CAD/CAM 3D Printer in Rohtas Bihar

  1. Type : DLP/ SLA 3D printer ( Wax Casting / UV Resin)
  2. Frame Material : Metal Box Enclosure
  3. Layer Resolution : 0.025 – 0.1mm ( Adjustable )
  4. Printing Speed : 35 mm
  5. Printing Accuracy : ± 0.1mm
  6. Printing Support : WiFi
  7. Screen resolution : 2560*1440 (2K Display )
  8. Printing Material Supply : Photosensitive resin / Wax resin
  9. Data Import Format : STL, OBJ
  10. Operating System : Win XP/7/8, Mac, Linux, Unix

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