Sculptor SOB-5050

June 14, 2017
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June 22, 2017

Sculptor SOB-5050

  1. Super Large 3D Printing Build Size of 500x500x500mm
  2. Industrial-grade circuit boards, Tested 3D Printing for 200 hours without Fatigue
  3. New MK10 nozzle patent extrusion structure
  4. Separate Electronic Control Host
  5. High Precision Imported Aluminum V-slot Structure for Vibration free 3d printing.
  6. Precision Roller Bearing For High Accuracy Positioning, Smooth Frictionless Movement, and Faster 3d Printing.

Sculptor FDM 3D Printer Machine,  SOB-5050,  is Professional, 3D Printing Machine made in India.

Excellent 3D Printer machine for Professional’s, Industrial and Commercial 3-d Printing applications.
Large 3D Printing build Size, Perfect for high precision 3D Printing of large 3D designs.
Imported Aluminum Rails structure for accurate 3D Printing performance as closed metal printer.
Sculptor SOB Series 3D Printer machine offer customized advanced features.
Power off Resume
Filament Failure detection
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Remote Camera Monitoring
Special designed Extruder for Printing High Grade 3D Filaments.


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